Communication is essential for many reasons; including economic, strategic, and safety concerns.


Many of our customers are located in or near communities that are able to offer ADSL and cable connections, but are just out of range for these services. We are adept at negotiating access agreements with host locations where a broadband connection is located, and then delivered to our client via a wireless point to point link. Through this infrastructure, which the client owns, 3CIS is able to provide telecommunication solutions not economically feasible otherwise.

As an example, 3CIS recently connected a gas plant located 25 km outside of a small northern Alberta town. The gas plant had been quoted $120,000 from the telco to provide phone lines and no high speed data. For less than $40,000 3CIS was able to provide phone lines AND high speed data and we were able to install it all within days.

Communications are essential in the resource sector for many reasons, including economic, strategic, and safety concerns. We deliver solutions ranging from simple data connections to telco-quality voice lines in various locations from southern Saskatchewan to northern Alberta. Our fixed wireless solution provides resource companies with the bandwidth and stability required for real time monitoring, control systems, and access to administrative systems. As the requirements for bandwidth grow and outpace that available through satellite or other means, 3CIS ensures the resource companies are ready to take advantage.

International Communication problems are the same no matter where they occur, 3CIS's dedicated team of professionals can provide turnkey solutions to any location on the globe. Whether we are helicoptering in to the Northwest Territories, boating out to an offshore oil rig or connecting telephone lines in the middle of the desert, 3CIS has the proven ability to get the job done.