Facilitating Wide Area Network Access

For clients looking to expand their telecommunications networks – either privately, to connect sectors of a business, or publicly, to link smaller networks together – it can be difficult to determine which materials are best-suited to their needs. Decisions such as these must be backed by experience and expertise. This client in the public sector was able to take advantage of the know-how of seasoned 3CIS employees by first contracting 3CIS to provide consulting and design services and then proceeding with 3CIS recommended solutions.

The project entailed design and construction in order to provide relevant buildings with wide area network access via fiber optic connections. Approximately 2500 meters of directional drilling, conduit and fiber cabling were required. 3CIS employees and project engineers determined a path, set the depths, and directionally drilled in conduit. Because the site is located atop an old lake bed, the soil is soft and sandy. The sand made drilling a challenge, and any holes that were dug had to be dug larger than the required parameters to allow for sloughing. Additionally, in order to reach the relevant locations, the path of the fiber crossed major highways. Advance planning was key in obtaining permits on time to ensure punctual project completion.

Using existing infrastructure entails less cost when connecting clients to a WAN. For this project, 3CIS used an already existing backbone to interconnect various pieces of the network over a wide area. 3CIS was also able to inform the client that the original type of fiber they had specified in their tender was not the most fitting for this specific project. Because 3CIS is Corning certified, they provided this client with the opportunity to use the best quality material for the job. Corning Certification ensures that 3CIS employees are experienced installers and allows 3CIS to guarantee their installations.

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