Construction is one of the inevitable results of growth and expansion. However, it can be difficult to facilitate enlargement while maintaining daily operations. Ensuring that work can be carried out efficiently goes hand in hand with ensuring the safety of employees and those carrying out expansive construction work. For this client in the plastics industry, safety was paramount during their period of growth. 3CIS was contacted during a busy stage of construction: a second tower was required in addition to the one installed a year ago to facilitate site expansion. Due to the increased number of construction buildings and their increasing range, the client required the installation of a tower, wireless system, and fibre optics to facilitate uninterrupted communication between contractors and workers onsite.

The nature of the client’s work required rigorous attention to safety standards and working in an active construction zone requires constant vigilance. January weather conditions, par for Alberta’s frigid winters, made outdoor work difficult. In order to address safety issues, the area within 100 feet of the construction site was cleared and taped off, the road was shut down and gate closed, the building was evacuated, and its entrance closed off. 3CIS’ extensive experience in the industry ensured in-depth knowledge of relevant safety measures and procedures. Those who work for 3CIS are equipped with the qualifications necessary to deal with diverse conditions. 3CIS successfully addressed all the safety concerns of this project while being conscientious of the work schedules of the client’s employees. Because workers had to cease their work and clear the area in order to facilitate tower construction and the installation of the wireless system and fibre optics, communication and coordination were also key to the success of this project. Plans had to be developed and changed rapidly in order to adapt to the unexpected occurrences that are typical of ongoing construction. Active communication is fundamental in keeping a client and their service provider up to date and clear on adjustments and progress.

The large-scale nature of the client’s project necessitated the implementation of financial controls. Maintaining an organized work schedule was therefore crucial in order to ensure the work being done was consistent with the latest strategy updates. Coordinating and communicating with the client is the best way to come up with the most cost-effective and efficient solution. While 3CIS has the means to design and construct the infrastructure needed for a project, the client, in this case, laid the foundation because the equipment needed was already available to them onsite. Project management is most effective when there is clear and continual communication from the inception of the project to its completion. Maintaining this type of communication eliminates financial inefficiencies and ensures project completion in the most timely and cost effective way possible.