In every industry, safety measures must be taken to ensure a secure and productive work environment. This is especially true in the oil and gas industry, where daily hazards include powerful mechanized equipment, flammable chemicals, and pressurized processes. For this Canadian national telecommunications company, it was essential to ensure that their towers, in this case, located on an oil and gas facility, continued to meet safety standards. They contracted 3CIS to conduct a tower audit to ensure that their infrastructure and equipment met every safety requirement put in place by the Canadian Standards Association. The work entailed climbing the tower, inspecting its infrastructure and attachments, noting any deficiencies, and ensuring that there were not any concerns. Because the tower was located on an oil and gas facility, safety considerations, in addition to those related to tower height, were foremost in the client’s mind. Where many other service providers are unable to conduct surveys on these types of facilities, 3CIS employees have the safety training and certification to work on locations involved in the production and transportation of oil and gas.

3CIS technicians inspected the tower foundation conditions, structural steel, and all attachments, including cabling, antennas, lights, and cameras. After the completion of the audit, 3CIS provided an engineered document demonstrating to the client how the tower measured up to CSA S37-13 standards. This standard ensures that towers, structural antennas, and their supporting structures, and all components of any mounted structures are secure, safe, and in working order. This standard must also be applied to the structural design, to verify that all relevant infrastructure has been erected in a sound and reliable manner. The vast experience and relevant certification of 3CIS employees ensure that they can implement and maintain up-to-date safety standards.