Energy resources are a fundamental element of the infrastructure and maintenance of today’s society. The transportation of these resources is, therefore, integral to upholding daily life. However, it is often the case that energy resources are situated far from their places of consumption. Energy transportation companies are constantly striving to make transportation more economical and risk-free. This client in multinational energy transportation sought to reach an increasing number of consumers more efficiently through expansion. The infrastructure required to support new locations is diverse in nature. However, 3CIS helped its client simplify the construction process by finishing the project in a timely manner. As site construction neared completion, perimeter fences were put up, and security guards required access control. The client required a new security gate system. However, underground barriers inhibited network communication to the gate for its remote opening and closing.

3CIS engineers designed a small microwave radio system to extend the network to the two relevant security gates. Field technicians assisted the onsite construction manager to incorporate the system into their project drawings. The finished product facilitated a reliable connection with sufficient data throughput. One of the largest considerations when installing equipment at a location associated with the production and transportation of oil and gas is that of safety. Inexperienced workers require extensive training to be able to deal with safety hazards in an adept and expedient manner. Because 3CIS employees are experienced in the field and have all the relevant certification, preparation for the project was completed in a timely manner.

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