Safe and productive mining operations require uninterrupted power access and solid communication infrastructure. However, the dynamic nature of a mine and the mobility of its crew can make these requirements difficult to satisfy. This hydrocarbon exploration company required networking in parts of its mine that did not have access to traditional power sources. Safety and efficiency also necessitated zero downtime for critical communication infrastructure. The success of the project, therefore, depended upon the mobility of the power source and its uptime. 3CIS’s solution was a self-contained trailer designed to power equipment on site, using renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, as well as augmenting with thermal power and including a separate outlet for a generator, if required.

From conception to implementation, the system was designed and carried out by 3CIS technicians, who worked closely with the client to determine specific power requirements. 3CIS has developed similar power source stations that run on renewable energy; however, these were developed solely for a fixed, stationary environment. This power trailer – which supplies 1500 watts of power – can be transported to where it is needed, as none of the components have been fixed in place. It is designed to operate on its own, with a fully managed system that tracks the power output from the various sources and a battery to keep it up and running. Furthermore, the system was designed with multiple redundancies, to ensure that there is no downtime. In addition to powering equipment on site, such mobile power stations are ideal for emergency response teams, including firefighters and disaster recovery crews. The mobile power station is part of a pilot project that will consist of multiple trailers designed to cover a large area of roughly seven square kilometers.

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