As a business grows, both in size and in scope so does its need for reliable cellular coverage. This major Canadian telecommunications carrier required experienced and certified technicians to prepare, install, and quality-check several small cell repeaters for a third-party client that needed increased in-building cellular coverage. In order to prepare for the project, 3CIS worked with this major telecommunications company to receive material, inventory and supplement it, and coordinate an installation appointment with the relevant third parties. Major telecommunications companies have strict installation standards, and this client requires very high standards of quality. Following the completion of the installation, 3CIS field technicians tested the cable installation and provided the client with the test results and a picture of the entire installation. 3CIS was able to meet these high standards without struggle or setbacks and resultantly founded a relationship with this telecommunications carrier that has already resulted in subsequent collaborations. 

In order to bring cellular service into this location that would otherwise have irregular, unreliable cellular coverage, 3CIS installed Nokia picocells. Small cells such as these provide cost-effective coverage. They are an effective option for supplementing the capacity and coverage of a macro network in public spaces, businesses, and home settings. Additionally, they are a key aspect in facilitating network innovation, such as local contextual applications and IoT services. Unlike many other service providers, 3CIS is a global premier partner with Nokia. This partnership enables 3CIS employees to install Nokia products. Nokia makes the industry’s most comprehensive collection of products, services, and licensing available to its partners. 3CIS can, therefore, facilitate client access to this diverse and practical range of products offered by Nokia.

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