This client in the energy sector needed to fill a gap on their two-way radio system to facilitate communication with employees at their well tap site. Over the course of a week, 3CIS employees constructed two cellular towers: a 220-foot cellular support tower and a 50-foot tower atop a 50-foot pipe rack.

Planning and preparatory work permitted efficient project completion – tower assemblage and equipment installation depended on a well-laid foundation. Through ground sampling, geotechnical engineers determined the optimal foundation site. 3CIS contracted out the geotechnical engineering and pile work as the pile manufacturer had access to the resources that equipped them to set the foundation in the most cost-effective manner possible. The foundation was completed three days prior to the tower erection. After the tower parts were delivered, 3CIS technicians inventoried the pieces and organized them on the ground for assembly, subsequently putting them together in 20-foot segments. Once prepared, employees stacked and welded together the sections over the course of a day. After the towers were raised, each was inspected twice and photographed for quality assurance. 3CIS technicians complete routine maintenance inspections after tower construction, the frequency of which depends on the client’s desires. They carry out visual inspections – to check for rust, erosion, and vegetal growth around the tower foundation – and mechanical inspections – to test the tension of the guidelines and the plumbness of the tower.

Careful attention to safety considerations was also paramount in facilitating efficient construction as the client had stringent safety concerns that had logistical implications. The nature of the client’s work and site location created dangerous conditions, including extreme temperatures and heights. 3CIS employees undertook site-specific orientation, dangerous goods training, H2S training, elevated work platform training, and high angle rescue training in case of an emergency. Such preparation ensured routine construction that was completed under time and under budget.

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