Site expansion, and the subsequent need for more far-reaching communication, was the natural result of business growth for this company in oil and gas exploration. However, clients that do not specialize in telecommunications generally do not have the expertise and proficiency to plan their communications expansion to adequately support their commercial growth. 3CIS has the flexibility and broad knowledge base to assist its customers in tailoring situation-specific solutions. 3CIS was approached by this client with a particular project in mind; they wanted a 40-ft post installed at their new site in order to accommodate a newly required radio link. However, 3CIS technicians and engineers knew this was not the best option for the client’s growing needs. 3CIS returned to the client with an engineered solution to build an 80-ft tower. The proposed tower would not only accommodate the current needs of the client but could also serve the requirements of future projects that would undoubtedly be the result of the client’s expansion rate. Of equal importance, the adjusted height of the tower accounted for other infrastructure in the area that the originally proposed 40-ft post would not have cleared.

The planning and construction of the tower were carried out smoothly and promptly. 3CIS employees coordinated with the client and subcontractors to determine the best position for the tower, locate any underground barriers, and lay the foundation. Because the client was unaware of what was located below ground at their sites, 3CIS prepared for a number of options. Close coordination with the client is key in a project such as this. 3CIS is familiar with this client’s processes; they are informed on how each site operates and the manner in which individual sites need to be connected. While tower construction was completed efficiently, 3CIS’ experience and intimate knowledge of the client’s physical and commercial infrastructure were the real keys to this project’s success. 3CIS ensured that the client’s capital asset could be used to its full potential and that it would facilitate and promote growth for years to come.