When 3CIS was contracted to install a two-way radio communication system at a number of greenhouse facilities, technicians planned a workable solution for the physical barriers of three unique sites. The close proximity of one facility to an airport necessitated the implementation of strict rules and regulations, requiring the timely completion of permits and paperwork. Because the building was largely impenetrable to radio waves, 3CIS technicians were obliged to address coverage issues in their planning and preparation. The nature of the client’s work also required technicians to take additional precautions when accessing and working inside the building. The need for an uncontaminated environment necessitated sterilized clothing, shoes, and tools; certain items common to the installation process, such as cardboard, were also prohibited. Additionally, the private nature of the facility required secure room entry. 3CIS technicians were able to work carefully within the specified safety parameters to ensure a safe, efficient installation.

Through the timely installation of a tailored two-way radio system, 3CIS technicians also addressed the concerns around safety and productivity that arise when a site has no existing internal communication system. The client determined the number of radio channels they required, and 3CIS programmed the two-way radio system to include an emergency alert button and an all-call function that is able to broadcast to every radio in the system. 3CIS also informed the client of a more practical and cost-effective option: Hytera’s high-quality and reliable radios. Hytera is a worldwide leader in two-way radio communications, and the suitability of their products to a diverse range of sites made them an ideal fit for this situation. By providing alternative radio equipment, 3CIS ensured the client enjoyed the same functionality as that offered by a big telecommunications company at a lower cost. The custom communication system also provides an opportunity for expansion. As the client’s needs grow and evolve, 3CIS technicians can provide another console and dispatch centre, supplementary radios, and additional functionality.

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