For businesses that have branches based in multiple cities across the province, coordination and execution of company-wide telecommunication upgrades can be difficult to organize. This financial organization required expanded Wi-Fi connectivity by means of an increased number of access points in their central office and 45 branches across Alberta. The numerous and diverse locations of the client’s branch offices created logistical challenges. Because the client was a government entity, they also had to navigate a strict financial system and were therefore particularly conscientious about expenses.

3CIS’s project plan took advantage of their office locations in Calgary and Grande Prairie to ensure that the project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget. One technician from the main office in Edmonton was sent out to every location and acted as project lead and provided continuity. In addition, 3CIS also sourced technicians from their associate offices that were closer to the more far-reaching branch locations, cutting down on travel and expenses. The sites, situated in diverse regions around Alberta, were geographically grouped during project planning to ensure economic labor and timely project completion.

3CIS facilitated the completion of the client’s specific design for this Wi-Fi expansion project by providing the technology required for the wireless systems. 3CIS worked with the client to fine-tune their project specifications and was able to adapt the project to sudden changes in scope. At a moment’s notice, 3CIS was able to modify the project schedule and obtain the approvals necessary. The success of the project modifications and schedule deviations was made possible by clear and efficient communication between client and 3CIS. Establishing active communication is something 3CIS takes pride in their ability to do and the more frequently 3CIS interacts with a client, the better they are at creating the basis for a constructive, candid relationship. After replacing this client’s network equipment in the same locations a few years ago, 3CIS had already established such a relationship.

The success of a business is expedited by a perceptive, intelligent relationship with its service providers. The satisfaction of first-time customers lays the foundation for fruitful partnerships and encourages clients to return time and again. 3CIS has long term relationships with clients, some of which span greater than 18 years.

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