Site expansion requires extending communication across the newly enlarged area, which in turn requires rigorous coordination and systematic preparation For this long-term client in energy infrastructure, the construction of a new building necessitated data connectivity service back to their base location. 3CIS identified a repeater tower and installed two microwave links to connect the existing location and the new one.

From project inception to execution, 3CIS spearheaded the engineering and design of the infrastructure required and installed the transmitters, receivers, transmission lines, and antennas needed for the microwave links. The client’s scheduling for the construction of their new building left little leeway, so the timing for 3CIS’s part in the construction had to be executed with promptness and precision. When the client altered their initial schedule, 3CIS was quick to adjust their timeline accordingly. Further changes to the tower location necessitated a rapid engineering solution. Geophysical restrictions inhibited drilling to the depth required for the foundation of the tower. Instead, the foundation was stretched widthwise, and the height of the tower was modified accordingly. Despite these last-minute alterations, 3CIS stayed within the range of the client’s strict budget. This finished project entailed a service fully managed and operated by 3CIS.

The involvement of 3CIS in the planning, preparation, and execution of this project ensured its successful, punctual completion. Unlike many other service providers, 3CIS has the engineering capabilities and the construction capacity to build the infrastructure required for a specific site. Not only does this make the process of planning and coordination easier, but it also ensures that the infrastructure built meets the exact specifications required for the telecommunications installation.