The safety risks and potential difficulties associated with oil transportation necessitate constant surveillance and the ability to communicate without interruption or interference. Safety considerations are even more important during the construction of a pipeline, as the infrastructure for future use must be durable and dependable. For this North American energy company, stable communication was essential in enabling the monitoring of the pipeline to ensure optimal functioning. In the case of leakage or malfunction, instantaneous and uninterrupted communication would be the most important first step in implementing a solution. 3CIS field technicians surveyed the pipeline path to ensure total cellular coverage, and software developers created an online portal to which field technicians could upload their survey results. The client was, therefore, able to stay up to date on the project by viewing results in real time. The software team designed and developed this portal especially for the client at no extra cost.

3CIS employees assessed the cellular capabilities of each location along the pipeline, locating any dead spots and weighing the benefits of satellite for these sites. The locations were numerous and geographically diverse, with approximately 100 sites across Canada and the United States. 3CIS was able to take advantage of one of their affiliates, which is based in the United States, in order to source more local employees for the work. Local personnel, in addition to advanced preparation and coordination, was critical for timely project completion. The sites were located on diverse land holdings, and 3CIS employees had to consider the needs of both the client and the landowners when carrying out this survey. 3CIS employees, lands people, landowners, security, and client employees met daily to discuss the best, most convenient approach. In this manner, 3CIS field technicians were able to overcome the logistical and practical challenges posed by the large quantity and geographical diversity of the sites.

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